Strength Training in Coburg

At Urban Leopard, what really makes our service special and different to all our competitors is that we combine myotherapy treatments with strength training in Coburg too. Why is this important?

Well, quite simply strength training is a crucial element to relieveling aches and pains in your muscles by helping them to become stronger. Unfortunately, many practices only focus on relieving the symptoms of pain with myotherapy but don’t treat the cause of the pain with strength training so you are not getting the full benefits that you should be.

Carry on reading for more information about our myotherapy service that is combined with strength training and the benefits that this provides.

What Is Myotherapy?

At Urban Leopard, we specialise in assessing, treating and managing pain that is caused by muscles through myotherapy in Coburg. This could be stiff joints, aching muscles, numbness, tight muscles, tiredness, or constant deep pain. By focusing on the trigger points, we can locate where the symptoms are coming from and treat the root problem to help ensure that it does not come back again. Combining this with strength training ensures the treatment will stick by building up our muscle strength and making them stronger.

The Benefits Of Strength Training in Coburg

Many people with muscle pain think that strength training will make their symptoms worse, however, this couldn’t be further from the truth, in fact, we’ve found the opposite effect. There are many great benefits to strength training and here are just a few of our favourites.

Better Physical Function - When you have a lot of muscle pain, it can have a massive impact on activities that are part of your daily life. When you start strength training, it can help you with your movement control, functional abilities and physical performance. This is all down to the increased muscle strength that you are building on, as well as reducing your body fat levels.

Helps Manage Chronic Pain - More and more people are experiencing chronic pain and think this is something that they just have to live with. However, strength training can have a huge beneficial impact on treating this chronic pain for example, in your lower back or even with fibromyalgia pain.

Increase In Bone Mineral Density - Your bone mineral density is a good reflection on how strong your bones are and when this is low it means that your bones are weaker and you are more prone to getting injuries. Strength training can help to improve your bone density which then has an impact on your muscle strength too and how prone you are to injuries.

How You Can Speak To Our Team Now

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