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package 1 - “just a niggle”

This package is for people who are suffering from a niggling pain or injury that isn’t stopping them but is a little frustrating to live with.

  • An achey hip after a run that goes after a few hours

  • A stiff back in the morning that eases by mid morning

  • A sore neck after a few hours at the computer

  • A pinchy knee that sometimes grabs

Package 1 Pricing - $375


  • 4 Myotherapy appointments - including your initial - ($515)

  • 2 Leopard Squad classes ($57)

  • Total Cost - $572

  • You Save $197

In our experience, these niggles are quite easy to get on top of with some good quality Myo and learning a couple of key exercises. 

Once you’re pain-free we’ll guide you on how to manage your body away from these pains with some helpful tips and tricks.

We’ll also take you through some exercises that you can video so you can record the cues and positioning which are so crucial to their effectiveness.

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Package 2 - “Getting Worried”

This package is for people who are occasionally being forced to stop due to their pain.

  • A sore shoulder that painfully grabs in certain positions

  • An aching wrist or elbow that throbs after a day of work

  • A stiff and painful calf that makes you limp the day after a run

  • An aching lower or mid back

  • Headaches that come once or twice a fortnight

Package 2 pricing - $625


  • 6 Myotherapy appointments - including your initial - ($765)

  • 4 Leopard Squad classes ($114)

  • Total Cost - $879

  • You Save $254

This is where injuries are starting to gain a bit of traction and if left untreated might turn into something more chronic. 

Eventual strength training for the weakened muscles that are contributing to the injury are a vital element in this treatment plan. 

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Package 3 - “This is serious”

This package is for people who are suffering from chronic longterm injuries that are heavily effecting their quality of life.

  • A lower back disc injury often going into spasm

  • Frozen shoulder (unable to move your shoulder freely without severe pain)

  • Achilles tendinopathy (incredibly sore Achillies tendon that hurts every time you walk)

  • Plantarfasciitis (acute heel pain / foot pain that stops you form running)

  • Severe migraines that stop you from going to work

  • Acute neck pain that stops you from being able to look over your shoulder

  • Mid back pain that sometimes goes into spasm

Package 3 pricing - $875


  • 8 Myotherapy appointments - including your initial - ($1,015)

  • 6 Leopard Squad classes ($171)

  • Total Cost - $1,186

  • You Save $311

This is where injuries are at their most dangerous due to the mental stress it puts on people.

Knock on effects of these injuries can lead to depression, loneliness, a feeling of helplessness, vulnerability and disempowerment. 

Being trapped in a body that is in chronic pain is a terrifying thing and the biggest fear people have in this situation is that they will be like this for the rest of their lives.

Please be rest assured you will not. These symptoms are temporary. They are there for a reason. Your body is simply sending you messages (albeit incredibly painful ones) that things are out of balance and need addressing. 

Single Appointment Pricing

- Myotherapy & Remedial Massage -

These are our “on the table” sessions where we assess you, work out what’s going on and then set about reducing your pain through deep tissue massage, dry needling, cupping, stretching, mobility and some corrective exercise.

Initial Appointments

  • Initial 45 - $120

  • Initial 60 - $140

Standard Appointments

  • 30 mins - $85

  • 45 mins - $105

  • 60 mins - $125

  • 90 mins $175

Health Fund Rebate

We are an approved HICAPS site. This means that if you have private health insurance and are covered by extras (either Myotherapy or Remedial Massage) you’ll get your rebate on the spot.

Cancellation Policy

Please note that there is a late cancellation fee of $88 if you cancel with less than 24 hours notice. We know that life throws curve balls and you can’t always avoid a late cancellation so we’ll be reasonable with this policy.

But please try to give us at least 24 hours notice so that the time your therapist has blocked off for you may be offered to someone else who might be on the cancellation list.