*Write the discount code “New Leopard $25” in the comments of the appointment to access discount.

No risk, no catch.

Book in for just $25 & let us show you how we can help


We know what it’s like when you’re in pain or nursing an injury that just won’t seem to get better.

You’ve probably been to see a physio or chiro or an osteo or even another myotherapist - and maybe you’ve gotten short term relief - but no one has actually known how to fix your problem and stop your pain ever coming back.

You’ve been spending money left, right & centre on a problem that no one can give you a clear answer on or more importantly, a timeframe for when this injury will be healed so you can stop treatment.

Trying to make the right decision of who to trust to see about your injury, hoping you’re not about to throw more money away is super stressful.

That’s why we want to offer you an Initial Myotherapy consultation for just $25.

That’s right, 60 minutes of treatment for just $25.

So you can experience what we do without stress of a big sum of money coming into it.

And so we can just show you what we do, give you some relief and then put together a game plan of how we can get you pain-free and strong.

So you won’t be rocking up to appointment after appointment never knowing when treatments will end and paying for something with no end date.

Then only once you’re comfortable and all your questions have been answered, you make the decision whether you want to start working with us.


Our mission is to not only have you pain-free but feeling stronger and more empowered in your body than you were when you first came in.


How are we different from anyone else you've seen?

We’re different because we COMBINE Myotherapy with Strength Training.

One without the other is like getting half the job done.

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We treat your symptoms with Myotherapy, to get you pain-free and feeling happy in your body again.

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We use Strength Training to address the root cause of your symptoms so your pain never comes back.

What Happens After Your First Appointment?

Once you have your first appointment we’ll have a good idea of how much treatment you’ll need to get rid of your injury for good.

We’ll write up a Management Plan that we’ll give you on your second appointment (if you decide to start working with us).

The Management Plan is something that you can take away with you, stick on the fridge and refer back to.

It’ll have a diagnosis of your injury, the reason why you’ve gotten it in the first place, the plan of how we’ll get rid of it and a timeframe of how long it will take.

It’ll demystify the pain. Explain it in layman’s terms & give you simple solutions.

To keep the costs as low as possible for you if you require ongoing treatment, we’ll be able to offer you 3 different types of New Client Treatment Packages depending on how mild or severe your injury is.

Why Should You Trust Us Anyway

It’s a good question and feeling apprehensive before booking in with a new practitioner is not only normal, but wise.

You need to know that the people who you’re about to entrust your body to are professional, qualified, have your best interests at heart and can deliver.

To ease your concerns, please have a read of some of our Google Reviews below from real clients who were just like you.

*Write the discount code “New Leopard $25” in the comments of the appointment to access the discount.

How Do Our Clients Continuously Get These Results?

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This might sound crazy, but it’s not rocket science.

1) Be thorough.

2) Get the client pain-free.

3) Help the client get strong in their new, pain-free posture.

That’s it.

We simply find that if we do a really thorough job, leave no stone unturned when it comes to releasing pain and tension out of the muscle and then help strengthen our client once they are pain-free the pain never comes back.

Our strength training is the special sauce. There are plenty of practitioners out there who can take your pain away for a time.

But the real kicker is once our clients start to strengthen the muscles that were previously weak.

Weak muscles are the thing that lead to injury by throwing your body out of balance.

After time and distance, these imbalances lead to wear and tear … and then eventually a pull, strain or spasm.

See? Not rocket science.

It’s just that we find clients rarely do the required strengthening either:

a) with correct technique

b) for long enough or

c) at all

When you are a client at Urban Leopard you work 1:1 with your Myotherapist learning the exercises your body needs and actually doing them, repeatedly over the timeframe specified in your Management Plan.

You’ll learn perfect form and technique while you work 1:1 with your Myotherapist. These sessions are held in a controlled environment, with plenty of time for questions and clarification. You understanding what you’re doing and why you’re doing it is fundamental to your success.

Then once you’ve got your technique down we transition you into a class environment where you can fulfil the rest of your strengthening program under the guidance of a Myotherapist and Strength Trainer but at a much cheaper rate than a 1:1 session.

Once you finish your strengthening program and have remained pain-free you’re done. You don’t have to keep coming back.

You’re welcome to and many clients continue on the with classes because they’re fun, challenging and they make your body feel great.

But, the program is designed so you’re not reliant on us in the future.

Having said that if you choose to sit on the couch and not move for the next month your pain will probably come back.

I know you know this, but it’s still worth mentioning.

It’ll be on you to continue doing what you’ve learned with us, on your own. Whether that’s using a massage ball when you’re tight, doing a few key stretches each week or repeating the exercises that you learned with us that you know work for you.

You should consider your body like a good quality car that you love. Let it warm up before a big drive, clean it often, give it a regular service, treat it gently and only put the best quality fuel in it if you want it to perform.

Other things we find really helpful outside of Myotherapy and Strength Training is:

  • Eating clean

  • Reducing stress any which way you can

  • Getting good quality sleep &

  • Having love and support in your life

All of these things really help to keep your body in balance out of inflammation and injuries at bay.

Myotherapy in Brunswick

Urban Leopard is a Myotherapy clinic close to Brunswick West. We are dedicated to getting you pain-free, strong, fast and flexible.

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42- 44 Moreland Road, Brunswick.

We have a team of Myotherapists to choose from – we are all dedicated to getting you pain-free and staying that way for good.

We are all born with good posture, but over time and distance with poor lifestyle habits this can change – and suddenly you might find that you’re waking up stiff and sore in the morning.

This transition isn’t normal, nor is it just a part of getting older – but it is something that can be reversed through Myotherapy and Strength Training in our Brunswick clinic.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy was developed in the 1970s in America. It was based upon a study made by Travell and Simons about myofascial pain and trigger points that addressed both spontaneous pain and referred pain, noticing that muscular pain could be reduced by deactivating these trigger points.

Myotherapy utilises many methods to work on the muscles in the body that are causing pain based around deactivating trigger points. These methods include deep tissue massage, cupping, dry needling and trigger point therapy – one or all of these methods can be used in a consultation to significantly reduce or completely negate the pain response in the muscles.

What Makes Myotherapy at Urban Leopard Different?

Moyan - the founder of the clinic - has been a Myotherapist for over 12 years and was introduced to a style of weight training early on in her practice that could be used to rehabilitate chronic injuries that led to clients becoming 100% pain-free.

Moyan saw that this was the missing link in her Myotherapy treatments, it went a step beyond the common corrective exercises and offered her clients the chance to not only become pain-free but strong, fast and flexible – like a leopard!

There’s a reason behind chronic pain and recurring injuries, it means that your body is out of balance in some way. Myotherapy helps to balance the body by reducing the pain and symptoms felt by the body while weight training improves posture and strength, addressing the root cause.

We also carry out remedial massage and dry needling to improve recovery depending on your situation.

Having a gym facility on site means that not only can our Myotherapists get you pain free; but also support you to learn several beneficial exercises with weights, eventually transitioning you into Strength Training classes to keep the costs as low as possible for you as you fulfil your rehab.

During your training we make sure you execute your exercises with perfect posture and technique, while we advise you on the best exercises that will get you completely pain-free and strong!

If you would like to find out more, please fill out our contact form below and we will get in touch for a free phone consultation with one of our Brunswick Myotherapists.