Our Myotherapists

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Adriana Tselepis


“My introduction into the health and fitness world started 17 years ago competing in gymnastics.

As I learned first had how to use my body through movement, create force, strength and move efficiently, I acquired the skills to be offered a senior coaching role at Fishermens Bend Gymnastics Club, a position I maintained for 10 years.

Five years ago I furthered my knowledge by becoming a Personal Trainer.

But something in my practice was still missing - the knowledge of how to treat and rehabilitate injuries. And that’s where I found Myotherapy.

After I completed my studies in Myotherapy I craved the challenge of working “unconventionally”. So I moved to Cambodia for 9 months and had the privilege to work in Athlete Development & Strength & Conditioning for a professional soccer team.

I also worked with with PowHerful; a women’s only Strength & Conditioning community along side exercise scientists, coaches, doctors and physical therapists.

Watching the power of the rehabilitation process when I blend it with Myotherapy & Strength & Conditioning fills me with great satisfaction as I help my clients achieve the strength and empowerment they were lacking.


- THURSDAY - 7am - 2pm

- SATURDAY - 8am - 3pm

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Jordan D’Angelo


I completed a double Advanced Diploma of Sports Therapy and Myotherapy, giving me the tools to combine technical soft tissue techniques with rehabilitation, performance, mobility, fitness and injury treatment to athletes.

I am an extremely passionate practitioner who dedicates my time to not only relieving symptoms but also finding the cause of pain and dysfunction.

I believe that most muscular pain originates from lack of symmetry in the body due to tightness and weakness throughout; therefore I help to create symmetry through very particular and thorough hands on therapy in conjunction with my skills in the gym.

My main passions in the gym are power lifting, a combination of yoga and kettlebell movements and barefoot training. I am constantly trying new treatments and exercises to incorporate into the treatments to help improve not only your conditions but to better myself as a practitioner.

I love my job and love treating anything from sports injuries, muscular pain from office work or simple general maintenance.


MONDAY - 3pm - 6.30pm

TUESDAY - 7am - 2pm

WEDNESDAY - 7am - 2pm

THURSDAY - 12.30pm - 6.30pm

FRIDAY - 7am - 2pm

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Jess Tettis


“I’ve been working as a Myotherapist for the last 12 years in Melbourne and Colombia. I’ve got a strong interest in biomechanics and dynamic fascial work.

I use various tools in my practice, dynamic cupping, mobilisation, dry needling, corrective exercise, myofascial release & strength training.

But what I find really important in my practice is educating and empowering my clients about their injury so they gain a good understanding and confidence in their body.

Having had a back injury myself, I have a key interest in treating spinal pathology, lumbo-pelvic issues and postural strains.

My experience with this injury gave me a thorough understanding of all the elements that can contribute to pain and what can undo the reinforcement of pain.

Away from the clinic I love rock climbing, playing soccer, cycling (anything active and outdoors), Colombian music, speaking Spanish and salsa.


TUESDAY - 11am - 7pm

THURSDAY - 11am - 7pm

FRIDAY - 11am - 4.30pm

SATURDAY - 8am - 3pm

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Hugh Wignell


“I’d been landscaping for at least 5 years, I loved using my hands to build and shape things. It was creative, organic and had purpose. But one morning, in the winter mud at 7am, I had this epiphany that this wasn’t what I wanted to do with my life.

Soon after, I found myotherapy and I was hooked.

To treat someone who’s in chronic pain and watching the process of them becoming pain free is amazing.

I love showing people just what their bodies are really capable of. Nutting out the root cause and working through the layers to get to it. And building their strength into something they never thought possible.

So, I still get to use my hands but this time - to build and shape muscle. It’s still creative and organic - but with much more purpose.”


MONDAY - 1pm - 8pm

TUESDAY - 5pm - 8pm

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Tabitha Hocking


“I’m fascinated by the human mind and body; together they give us the tools to do extraordinary things.

Understanding how our systems function, gives us the indispensable opportunity to take good care of ourselves. This is an essential practice, as our bodies are for life.

Through years spent meditating and practising yoga, I have learnt the importance of listening to our bodies. We often push through pain, ignore signals and demand too much from ourselves.

Instead, if we first listen and then take the necessary steps to allow healing, recovery, and appropriate strength to build, our bodies will sing.

In a treatment with me, we’ll delve into an investigation into your relationship with your body.

I’ll want to know how you are using it, and how you aren’t.

My treatments may involve dry needling, cupping, MET, stretching, and remedial massage and corrective exercise.

Empowering you through movement and strength is an essential part of your treatment process.

Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, have a specific condition or injury you are recovering from, or are just not getting the most out of your body due to pain or limited range of motion, I can help you.”


MONDAY - 3.30pm - 7pm

TUESDAY - 3.30pm - 7pm

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Moyan Phillips


Early on I realised I was a lover of sport. When I was 8 years old I decided I was going to be a sprinter. I'd go down to the athletics track on the weekend with my dad and my sister to practice sprinting. (She kicked my butt by the way).

But still I was always drawn to being an athlete. Even at 8 years old I wanted to be fit, wanted to be strong, wanted to feel physically as good as I possibly could. That desire hasn’t changed since.

In retrospect, mum and dad had our childhood ordered into a kind of Phillips family bootcamp. If I wasn't at gymnastics I was at hockey practice or training in athletics or cross-country. I had no idea how influential and beneficial this grounding would be for me and how it would set the course for my future.

Having grown up as a miniature athlete and loving the physicality of my childhood it now seems obvious I would end up working with the body in some way.

15 years ago I discovered Myotherapy. It was a perfect fit. I loved learning about the anatomy and design of the human body.

I was fascinated by how asymmetries in biomechanics lead to injury and so impressed by how a skilfully placed thumb with just the right amount of pressure at just the right angle could alleviate pain in such an injury. What an amazing design! The brilliance is in its sheer simplicity.

9 years ago I was introduced to a style of weight training that could rehab chronic injuries and my world exploded. Clients that I'd often got to 90% but who were never quite fixed started to crack the elusive 100% pain-free zone and stay that way.

I'd discovered what made my treatments stick.

I love my job. To open the door to a client who is grimacing in pain and have them leave relieved, smiling, and grateful an hour later is awesome.

I love teaching people about their bodies; dismantling their fears, revealing what they're capable of and seeing them grow and strengthen through action and knowledge.

Sharing this journey with each client that walks through the door and to call it my job is a privilege.”