Myotherapy in Coburg

Urban Leopard is a Myotherapy clinic in Coburg that focuses on getting you pain free – and helping you stay that way.

We are a team of passionate myotherapists with a goal to help our clients get strong, fast and flexible through Myotherapy techniques and strength training.

Myotherapy focuses on the connective tissues that connect the muscles, bones, tendons, ligaments and nerves throughout the biomechanical wonder that is the human body. Through manipulation of trigger points, pain is immediately reduced and, in some cases, completely nullified in one session – which is life changing for people that thought they had to live with their pain forever. Issues like back, neck and shoulder pain, ankle injuries, rotator cuff problems or even jaw pain and clicking can be completely eradicated through myotherapy in just one session – but the story doesn’t end there.

Our sedentary, habitual lifestyles make changes to our posture and mean that we start using our bodies in a way that puts unequal pressure on certain muscles. We know that asymmetric usage can cause injury – so it is important that to remain pain free and avoid further injury, the cause needs to be addressed and symmetry needs to be built.

Here at Urban Leopard we focus on building your strength. Once you are pain free, we take you into our bespoke strength training classes in Coburg and work with you on a specialised programme of weightlifting. This programme is designed to focus on creating great posture, form and method in lifting so that you can lift heavy weights with confidence. Our specially trained myotherapists will watch you like a hawk to make sure that your form is perfect, that your posture is symmetrical and you are using the weights in the right way – so that in between sessions you can continue to become strong, fast and flexible. We also combine your strength training with remedial massage so you can get fitter and recover faster.

What Can I Expect from My Myotherapy Experience?

Urban Leopard is a myotherapy clinic with a leading difference. Not only do we have aftercare that ensures that you remain pain free, each of our myotherapists is fully trained and passionate about improving your life in ways of keeping muscles pain-free, getting strong, decreasing your stress levels and helping you to make decisions on how to eat well.

Each of our myotherapists came into the clinic with their own personal story and background, which has shaped the way they approach each client and their particular interest. If you have a look at their bio pages, you can see that we have myotherapists with certain specialties – from the connection between mind and body to sports to a passion on changing lifestyle choices to pushing limits in the gym to address tightness and weakness in the muscles.

This range of experience, mindset and focus means that there is a myotherapist in our clinic that will be suited to you. We share clients too, so if there is an issue with your injury that another myotherapist specialises in, we will get them involved in your care too – our only focus is on our clients and how we can get them pain-free in the quickest time possible.

Urban Leopard is fast becoming a community – with regular group weight training sessions that we run for clients, you can attend a group training class with other people who have similar experiences with coming out of pain or overcoming an injury.

As a client, you will become part of our community, greeted on arrival by not only your personal myotherapist but also a tribe of people that are going through the same process you are to become pain free.

If you are ready to come and experience the Urban Leopard difference, then please fill out the form below and one of our myotherapists will be in contact to arrange a free telephone consultation. We want to get to know about your pain and your problems so we can create a bespoke treatment plan to get you out of pain and keep you that way. Life is too short to be sore. Be a leopard instead!