Myotherapy in Brunswick

We’re a little bit different at Urban Leopard.

We combine Myotherapy to treat your symptoms with Strength Training to address the root cause of your symptoms, so your pain never comes back.

It’s a dynamo combination.

But check out our little film so we can show you a bit more about what we do here at Urban Leopard and how we can help you.

Ease your pain with myotherapy in Brunswick.

Urban Leopard is a myotherapy clinic close to Brunswick West, who are dedicated to getting you pain-free, strong, fast and flexible.

Urban Leopard can be found in a big green building on Moreland Road, where we have a team of myotherapists to choose from – we are all dedicated to getting you pain free and staying that way forever.

We are all born with good posture, but over time and distance with poor lifestyle habits this can change – and suddenly you might find that you’re waking up stiff and sore in the morning. It is not normal, nor is it just a part of getting older – it is something that can be reversed through myotherapy and strength training in our Brunswick clinic.

What is Myotherapy?

Myotherapy was developed in the 1970s in America. It was based upon a study made by Travell and Simons about myofascial pain and trigger points that addressed both spontaneous pain and referred pain, noticing that muscular pain could be reduced by deactivating these trigger points.

Myotherapy utilises many methods to work on the muscles in the body that are causing pain based around deactivating trigger points. These methods include deep tissue massage, cupping, dry needling and trigger point therapy – one or all of these methods can be used in a consultation to significantly reduce or completely negate the pain response in the muscles.

What makes Myotherapy at Urban Leopard different?

Moyan has been a Myotherapist for over 12 years and was introduced to a style of weight training early on in her practice that could be used to rehabilitate chronic injuries that led to clients becoming 100% pain-free. Moyan saw that this could be a good way to improve the outcomes for her clients, offering them the chance to not only become pain-free but strong, fast and flexible – like a leopard!

There’s a reason for chronic pain and recurring injuries, it means that your body is out of balance in some way. Myotherapy helps to balance the body by reducing the pain and symptoms felt by the body while weight training improves posture and strength, addressing the root cause. We also carry out remedial massage and dry needling to improve recovery depending on your situation.

Having a gym facility on site means that not only can our Myotherapists get you pain free; we can then support you to go through several exercises based around weights with strength training classes. During your training we make sure you execute your exercises with perfect posture and technique, while we advise you on the best exercises that will get you completely pain-free and strong!

If you would like to find out more, please fill out our contact form and we will get in touch for a free phone consultation with one of our Brunswick Myotherapists. We can’t wait to hear from you, because life is too short to be sore – be a leopard instead!