Women’s Lift Club

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What Is Women’s Lift Club

WLC is an all women group strength training class designed by women, for women.

  • It’s a class tailored for the woman who knows she’s weak and would like to do some strength training but has no idea how to go about it.

  • It’s for women who (think) they have “no core strength” & want to build it.

  • It’s for women who have “never been the same since pregnancy”.

  • It’s for women who are scared of doing “the wrong thing” when it comes to strength training and making their sore neck / back / shoulder worse rather than better.

  • It’s for women who want better posture.

  • It’s for women who finally want to FEEL strong dammit!

  • It’s for women who want to stop WISHING they were strong and just BE strong!

Class Details

These classes are kept small with no more than 6 women in each class. This ensures that you get the kind of coaching and care necessary to teach you perfect form and technique with each exercise.


  • 8 Weeks (once a week)


  • $264 ($33 a class)


  • Tuesday 9.30am - 10.30am

  • Friday 9.30am - 10.30am

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If you’d love to have a trial of our Women’s Lift Club class just fill out the form below to register your interest and we’ll get in contact with you to slot you into a class.

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Just So You Know

This is a class that will teach you how to get strong using all your muscles, at one time, in one compound movement. It’s very efficient and complete.

It’s a class that is based around the Rehab Squat and Deadlift technique that we use at Urban Leopard to rehab injures.

Other exercises are used to complement these two but the Rehab Squat and Deadlift are the foundation of the class.

This is not a class that will get your heart rate up for a long period of time, it’s not cardio.

The class is focused on teaching you perfect form & technique including all the nuances that are key to making this sequence we use so powerful.

Timing, pace, set up and lots of rest in between sets are as important as the weight we choose to use.

But once you’ve completed the program you will have the knowledge for life. It’s designed so you will feel confident to continue the training yourself once the program has ended.