Package FAQs

This is how you will feel after you have completed your package

This is how you will feel after you have completed your package


Before you decide on a package…

Have a read below of our Package FAQs and terms and conditions so you’re going into a package eyes wide open.

It’ll outline the expectations we have of our clients which will ensure you become pain-free and strong in the fastest amount of time possible.



  • But I’m in too much pain to do 4 / 8 weeks of strength training classes!

Yes, you’re in too much pain now and we wouldn’t put you in the class in your current state. We will only slip you into the class once you are pain-free and ready.

Hence why you need to have your Myotherapy sessions first and then your 1:1 Strength & Technique sessions. 

So we can watch you carefully and write a program specifically for you that can be rolled out into your Leopard Squad class once you are ready.

  • What about if my pain goes away in 2 sessions, can I get a refund?


Just because your symptoms have quietened doesn’t mean that you’re out of the woods with your injury yet. 

2 sessions is not enough time to ensure any longterm change and adaptation has actually occured in your body. 

Stopping your treatment at this stage will likely mean your pain will come back at some stage and you’ll end up needing those future appointments. 

  • What about if something comes up and I can’t get to my appointment one week?

We will work to find you another appointment on another day within the same week - even if it must be with another Myotherapist. 

Continuity is the most important factor for you to progress with your injury. 

We urge you to look ahead in your diary before commiting to one of these programs. 

If you’re due to be away for work, have increased comitments or a busy social calendar approaching we’d advise that you delay starting the program until your schedule is clear. 

  • What about if I get sick and can’t make my appointment?

We understand that life throws curveballs and will work around them with you. If you miss one week due to illness we’ll still honour that appointment and catch it up the following week.

However, the progress of your injury may well stall if you miss an appointment. 

As long as that’s understood then your practitioner will work with you to the best of their ability to be upfront about the delays and get a game plan in place on how to catch you back up. 

  • I have Private Health Insurance, can I get a rebate from these appointments?

Yes. If you have extras and are covered by Myotherapy you will be entitiled to a rebate.

After each appointment you’ll be issued with a receipt that you can lodge with your your Private Health Insurer to claim your rebate. 

This can be done online. 

  • What about if I finish the program but I’m still in pain?

If you have attended every appointment, once a week for the duration of the program. 

If you have completed the training within the Strength & Technique appointments.

And if you have completed the 4 or 8 week series of Leopard Squad and you still have pain, your Myotherapist will meet with the director about your case moving forward.

In reality it is highly unlikely anyone will get to the end of the program still being in pain. 

If your pain is unchanging this will be evident much sooner into the program and indicate that something else may be at play. 

Eg. An undiagnosed chronic illness, inflammatory condition, severe stress / emotional distress, sustained injury that wasn’t communicated to the practitioner.

But if we find that we have dropped the ball with your case and your continued pain is due to something we’ve missed, we’ll offer you another program - free of charge - to find the solution. 

Terms and Conditions

  • Consultations must be used weekly

This is paramount when ensuring the best and quickest recovery for your injury. 

The practitioner needs you turn up week to week so they can roll out your treatment plan and hit all the targets planned along the way. 

We need to be able to cause adaptation and change in your body. This cannot happen over sporadic sessions. Continuity is key. 

Changes we make to the body with Myotherapy or Strength Training need to be accumulative to stick. Like any good habit, repetition is key. 

  • Consultations must be paid up front.

Paying up front will ensure that your appointment times are reserved for the 4, 6 or 8 week program.

It’ll also keep you committed and accountable to the sessions.

  • You must be assessed by a Myotherapist at Urban Leopard before qualifying for one of these programs

You may have been assessed by someone else and have a diagnosis but our assessment of your case may differ. 

We need to make sure that your case falls into one of the 3 programs and that you can be ensured a successful outcome.

That there are no loopholes, red flags or anything that may potentially delay your progress and not get you there in the forecasted timeframe.