The Urban Leopard Story

Have you ever seen a leopard stretching its hamstrings before it hunts a gazelle? Or doing some run throughs on the grass just to warm up? 

Leopards are always ready to run. 

Imagine being like that, poised with speed, strength and stamina, in a body that moves with relaxed fluidity. That’s the ideal state of the human body and how our bodies should feel - limber, activated and humming with potential. To wake up and feel stiff and sore in the morning isn’t normal and isn’t "just a part of getting older."  It just means that your body is telling you things are out of balance.

I once read a book where the author recounted his story of firing up a sprinter before a race. He told the sprinter to imagine himself as a leopard, his legs like springs. I loved that image. When I picture myself as a leopard I feel strong, fast and flexible.  That’s the ideal. Every time we do weights, or run, or go to yoga, or any other exercise - we do it to feel stronger, faster or more flexible.  Hopefully we achieve a combination of all three.

Urban Leopard was born from the idea that we humans share all the same traits that a leopard has.  We have strength, speed, flexibility, balance and agility. Some of us might just be a little out of practise. If you're questioning whether these traits are innate to you, just watch a 3 year old sit or squat in perfect posture. It is through time and habitual lifestyles that these attributes are slowly weakened, thrown out of balance and eventually lead to pain.

Urban Leopard is an antidote to modern repetitive lifestyles that weaken our innate physical abilities. It's a sanctuary for people in pain; a place where the rigid become flexible and the weak become strong.

Life is too short to be sore. Be a leopard instead.