Urban Leopard

42 - 44 Moreland Road, Brunswick 3056

e: moyan@urbanleopard.com.au

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Getting There

  • TRAM - there are two trams which will take you right up to within a couple of hundred meters walking distance of the clinic. 

  1. Route 1 East Coburg to South Melbourne Beach route link here

  2. Route 8 Moreland to Toorak route link here

Hop off at stop 129 which will be the intersection of Holmes Street (extension of Lygon) and Moreland Road.

If you're facing north (with your back to the city) take a right down Moreland Road, you'll be able to see a big, green building emerge as you start walking down Moreland Road - you can't miss it.

  • TRAIN - if you're coming from the city, just jump onto the Upfield Line and hop off at Moreland Station. A link of the Upfield Line route is here and a map and directions of Moreland Station to Urban Leopard is here

  • PARKING - for the drivers out there parking is easy. There are plenty of two hour parks on Moreland Road itself right out the front of the clinic.