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I’m fascinated by the human mind and body; together they give us the tools to do extraordinary things. Understanding how our systems function, gives us the indispensable opportunity to take good care of ourselves. This is an essential practice, as our bodies are for life.

Through years spent meditating and practising yoga, I have learnt the importance of listening to our bodies. We often push through pain, ignore signals and demand too much from ourselves. Instead, if we first listen and then take the necessary steps to allow healing, recovery, and appropriate strength to build, our bodies can be allowed to sing.

As a specialist practitioner, I can help identify the patterns and habits your body may have fallen into, and help to bring about positive changes that will allow you to better support your body.

In a treatment with me, you can expect a considered investigation into your relationship with your body. I want to know how you are using it, and how you aren’t. Treatment may involve dry needling, cupping, MET, stretching, and remedial massage and is tailored to you. I will also spend time teaching specific corrective exercises that are an essential part of your treatment process.

Whether you are experiencing acute or chronic pain, have a specific condition or injury you are recovering from, or are just not getting the most out of your body due to pain or limited range of motion, I can help you.