Strength Training in North Melbourne

Urban Leopard is a strength training studio in North Melbourne that helps people suffering with pain to become pain free.

Using techniques such as deep tissue massage, cupping and dry needling to manipulate trigger points, myotherapy focuses on the myofascia – the muscles and connective tissue. By focusing on these areas, spontaneous pain on movement, as well as ongoing chronic pain, can be greatly reduced or even completely nullified within one session.

Myotherapists have excellent knowledge in the referral pain patterns. Each muscle - when sore - has a particular pain pattern that it will trigger. For example, some people may feel pain in their hamstring but the active trigger point that is the cause of the pain is located on the outside of the hip (glutes). Our North Melbourne myotherapists are able to work out the the correct area to relieve the pain (glutes) rather than treat the pain pattern (hamstrings).

As part of this service, we also work with our clients to become stronger using our in-house gym. Strength training is an integral part of the service we provide, and we know that people feel often feel immediately better when they’ve lifted some weights correctly in the gym.

Do You Want Perfect Form? Lift with the Leopard Squad.

Urban Leopard offer an 8-week weight training programme. The Leopard Squad is a small group weight training class that will teach you lifting techniques that will make you strong and stable. The focus is on perfect form and technique, not how heavy you can lift. We work like this to work on the common weaknesses that we see in our clients.

We teach you 10 – 12 exercises that are all designed to safeguard you from future injury, strengthening the glutes, core, obliques and back.

During the 8-week programme, you get an assessment in the first week and the last, so you can see documented evidence of your strength gains. The programme we use is designed for professional athletes to excel at their sport while staying injury-free.

Our North Melbourne Strength Trainers motivate you whilst also advising you on form and technique, and we can also give you regressions and progressions on each exercise depending on your strength levels. We provide insight into your own biomechanical asymmetry and injury issues to help you work in the most suitable way.

Training is available every day, and you can choose to train with us once or twice a week. We suggest that if you are new to weight training, once a week would be perfect – this means that you have plenty of time to get used to the training and deal with any muscle soreness (DOMS) and training fatigue. After the 8-week programme, you might feel that you are ready to up the training and go to a twice-weekly class.

If you are apprehensive about launching into a weight training programme, please use the form below to contact us for a free trial class – so you can see exactly what we can offer you.

The Ladies Lift Club - Perfect strength training for women

As women, sometimes we can feel disempowered when it comes to strength training, especially lifting heavy weights. The LLC is a class designed for women by women, tailored to the woman who thinks she is weak and wants to be strong.

Class sizes are very small, with a maximum of 8 participants. This means that our Strength Trainers can guide you individually with the movement, posture and form that will make you strong.

With our knowledge of biomechanics, we can assist you in attaining better posture, and get you lifting heavy in a safe environment.

We show women how to get strong – and Ladies Lift Club is how.

If you are interested in any of our North Melbourne strength classes, please do get in touch either by giving us a call or sending us a message through the contact form below.