Remedial Massage Fitzroy North

If you are looking for a remedial massage in the Fitzroy North area, there is no better place to go than Urban Leopard.

We have six qualified professionals each with a wealth of knowledge and experience in giving these massages and, specifically, myotherapy. Myotherapy is a massage technique that pinpoints trigger points and works to not just remove pain from the areas you can feel it in, but analyses the whole body in order to find out where the root problem is and then treat this too.

Here are some of our thoughts on remedial massages and myotherapy in Fitzroy and why you need to try it.

Common Questions About Myotherapy Answered

We get a lot of questions every day about our myotherapy treatments and here are the answers to just a few of the most common ones.

  • What Is Myotherapy - This is the first question that we get asked time and time again. Many people believe that this is simply a form of massage therapy but this is wrong. It is actually manual therapy where we use an evidence based assessment, treatment and rehabilitation techniques to treat your pain. The causes of pain that myotherapy works best with is neuromusculoskeletal, which simply means muscle, joint and nerve pain. Our practitioners work with you to find out what the initial cause of your pain is and treat this too, so your pain does not become reoccurring. We also like to look at any contributing factors to this pain and address these concerns too.

  • What Techniques Do You Use - There are many different techniques that you can use in Myotherapy and this includes massage, joint mobilisations, trigger point therapy, nerve manipulation, myofascial release/cupping and dry needling.

  • Do You Focus On Education Too - At Urban Leopard, we place a big focus on education and making sure that you, the client, understand the mechanisms of your injury. This helps to ensure that you do not cause yourself any future injuries as you will be more educated on how best to protect your body.

  • What Conditions Does Myotherapy Treat - Myotherapy works to treat a wide range of conditions. This includes muscle strains, sports injuries, tennis elbow, jaw clicking, migraines, joint dysfunction and hip, knee, ankle, back, neck and shoulder pain.

Get In Touch For A Remedial Massage in Fitzroy North

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