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Unfortunately, symptomatic treatment is rife in the Allied Health industry.

You get sore, someone takes away your pain, you’re pain-free for a time.

We all too often hear examples of clients being strung along, appointment after appointment, month after month with no real end goal in site. 

No target was decided on in the initial consultation, no re-assessments were used to track the progress of the goal and no timeline was decided on by both the practitioner and client to have the injury sorted.

Suddenly the client has spent far more money than they ever intended but it occurred so gradually that they only realised in retrospect.

But what’s worse, is that there has been no long lasting change to their condition.

Client Care Packages actually keep us both - practitioner and client - accountable to get our clients to the end goal, which is to get you pain-free and strong.

Just like anything in life, long lasting change comes from repeating habits. Our goal is to set you up with the best habits possible that you will repeat again and again until they are automatic for your body.

Continuity is key for a successful injury outcome with our clients.

We cannot stress this enough.

But let us explain with an example so you get why.

Client 1 gets a niggle in their neck every now and then so they see a Myotherapist each time it happens.

They see their Myo once every 2 months and do this four times a year. 4 appointments in total.

Each time they get relief but after a time the niggle comes back the same as before. 

No exercise program has been executed with any real commitment after the consultation so nothing has changed in the client’s muscular or nervous system. Patterns haven’t been disrupted or forced to change through adaptation.

Client 2 gets a niggle in their neck which they’re sick of and just want sorted for good. So they see a Myotherapist 4 times in 4 weeks.

They love the way their body feels after the Myo and want to keep that feeling so they do the strengthening exercises with their Myo each week for the 4 weeks.

Their muscular and nervous system has been forced to change through the strength work and their niggle has been nipped in the bud and is no longer an issue.

Furthermore, they know how to manage it because they’ve proved to themselves the exercises, stretches and rehab work. 

Both client 1 and Client 2 have spent exactly the same amount of money but client 2 has had a completely different outcome than client one. 

All we need from our clients is continuity so we can get the job done.

Having a client coming in weekly means we can plan and execute their treatment plan without interruption or delays.

Have a read below of the 3 Client Care Packages and which category you may fall into.

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Package 1

Just A Niggle

This package is for people who are suffering from a niggling pain or injury that isn’t stopping them but is a little frustrating to live with.

  • 4 x Myotherapy appts

  • 2 x Strength Training

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package 2

Getting Worried

This package is for people who are occasionally being forced to stop due to their pain.

  • 6 x Myotherapy appts

  • 4 x Strength Training

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package 3

This Is Serious

This package is for people who are suffering from chronic longterm injuries that are heavily effecting their quality of life.

  • 8 x Myotherapy appts

  • 6 x Strength Training

*What few clients actually know which might be worth mentioning is this: when we practitioners see a client sporadically again and again for the same injury feels like failure for us.

It’s like offering the same advice to a good friend and them never really hearing you.

We want to not see you again. We want to finish the job and never have you come back.

That’s success to us. That’s job satisfaction.