Our Promise

This image kind of looks like we want to marry you doesn’t it? But it’s a Pinky Promise. Strictly business.

This image kind of looks like we want to marry you doesn’t it? But it’s a Pinky Promise. Strictly business.

Our promise to you is that we will leave no stone unturned when it comes to resolving your pain.

When you are on our table, you are our responsibility. Our mission.

All that we ask is that you meet us halfway. It has to be a partnership between us both. 50 / 50.

Getting Myotherapy treatment will only get you so far. It’ll take away your symptoms for a time.

But the work you do in the gym will take them away forever. And we can’t lift the weights for you.

Only you can do that.

But we’ll have your back the whole way.

We’ll answer your questions, temper your fears, encourage you when you feel weary, high-five you when you feel strong and help you understand what’s going on in your body and why.

When you know why, your fear drops away.

That’s when you start to shift the scales with your pain.

You stop being a hostage in your body suffering pain at your bodies whim and start to call the shots and take control as you learn how to combat the pain.

This is when you start to feel empowered with knowledge. Finally YOU have the answers and it’s not so confusing anymore.

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Our Story

Here is the story behind Urban Leopard.

And I (Moyan) want to tell it because I hope in some way that it might help speed your recovery. 

This clinic of mine was a dream that burned furiously in the pit of my stomach for many years before it actualised.

Why so furiously you ask?

Because of fear.

Not my fear. The fear that was so prevalent in the clients I’d meet.

When people are in pain they are scared. Scared their pain will never go away. Scared their body will never be the way it use to be. Scared that they have to endure life carrying an injury and coping daily with the pain.

These poor people had often been to see an "expert" and come away from it with an impressive label for their pain but no cure, just an accompanying fear and apprehension about their broken body.

"You've got tendinitis. Arthritis. A bulged disc. Bursitis."

"You have to stop running. It's bone on bone. Don't bend over and use your back. You're not 18 anymore!"

I know this because I've BEEN there. I have been that client.

And if you’re sitting there and feeling scared or anxious or frustrated or even angry by your pain, please read on because I think this story will help.

Years ago, when I was a baby Myotherapist not 2 years in the game, I hurt my shoulder at the gym. It was such an innocuous event that I thought nothing of it. 

That night my shoulder ached a bit, but again I thought nothing of it. 

A few days later I couldn’t raise it above my head. I couldn’t hang washing out on the line.  I struggled to put clothes on over my head without grimacing in pain and flaring up a supercharged ache for the next few hours.

It hurt every time I worked and I would end my shift with tears in my eyes and an icepack on my shoulder.

For the next 12 months I couldn’t sleep lying on my left hand side.

I was 25 years old, in the prime of my life, starting my career in Myotherapy and treating people’s sore muscles while I was in chronic pain! 

I started seriously considering having to quit my job as a Myotherapist. A job I loved and had studied 4 years to become.

I went to every “expert” under the sun but no one knew how to fix my shoulder. After endless appointments with lots of different modalities that gave me short-term relief, a very well known sports medicine doctor advised me to have minor surgery. 

But it just didn’t feel right. Someone was going to stick something in my shoulder to “fix” it? It didn’t add up. Much to the shock of the receptionist I cancelled the appointment the day before the procedure.

I was determined to find an answer. 

The next day, I sat on the floor of my lounge room and started poking around at my shoulder. I slowly massaged the same muscles other people had worked on but I was far more thorough. 

I treated much more deeply, with great interest and intent. When I found tension and pain, I didn’t slip over it quickly, I gently set in, waiting for the tissue to soften and change state before I moved on.

After 5 minutes of self-treatment I had resolved 70% of the pain in my shoulder.


Seriously? After enduring 12 months of pain I had the power all along to solve it? You have got to be kidding me! 

But this was a massive turning point for me. I suddenly realised just how powerful Myotherapy was. I had a toolkit of gold and an experience in my back pocket that gave me monumental confidence in my abilities.

I knew what to do.

I wanted to shout it from the mountain top and help anyone else who was in chronic pain! The poor buggers. SO many people in pain get the run-around. They go to this person and that person with the same tepid results. 

The truth is, many practitioners have never been in chronic pain. Many have never tested their own treatment techniques and felt the effects (or lack there of).

So when they see a client who doesn’t respond well to their techniques they sometimes tell them what they can’t or shouldn’t do anymore.

Or they refer them on and never learn from the experience.

Rather than working out why their treatment method didn’t work. And trying something else and not giving up. Making a decision to work it out.

They unwittingly disempower their clients, filling them with fear and doubts about their body. That they are unfixable.

This is usually where we meet them. Broken, unconfident, helpless, but turning up on our doorstep with just a flicker of hope. 

And that’s all we need.

If this story has resonated with you at all hang in there.

You are not broken. Your body will not be like this forever. This is not the beginning of the end.

Your body is simply out of balance and sending you a message (pain signal). That is all.

Our job is to decipher the message, help you out of pain and get you back in balance.

And did I mention that we love doing this sort of thing?!