Myotherapy in Flemington

Your body is a biomechanical wonder. Bones, muscles, skin and organs work together to create movement – and here at Urban Leopard, we are dedicated to helping your movement to be strong, fast and flexible.

Myotherapy is a hands-on approach to dealing with pain – both spontaneous and chronic – using remedial massage, dry needling and cupping to manipulate trigger points. In just a single treatment, you can leave completely pain free – and it is utterly life changing. Our specialist myotherapists in Flemington will assess your symptoms, discuss your goals and create a personalised plan to improve your situation.

If you are suffering from pain and stiffness, it is important not only to treat the symptoms but also the cause. If you want to be part of our Leopard Squad and live like a leopard – always ready to run – then we can help you get there.

How Does Weight Training Help?

A frequently asked question about the services we provide is “I’ve been told that lifting heavy weights isn’t a good idea if I have chronic pain – what makes you say that it is going to help?”

The reason that it isn’t advisable to just go to the gym and grab a weight is that using incorrect form or having poor posture when weight training can exacerbate existing pain issues – or even cause new ones.

As part of our service, we get you as close to pain-free as possible before starting you on the corrective exercises we offer in our gym. The myotherapy treatment will have changed your posture so once you start in the gym under the watchful eye of your myotherapist you will be starting from an neutral alignment. You will undertake a series of weight training exercises designed to strengthen your muscles. With the support of our Flemington myotherapists, you will learn correct form and how to execute great technique while becoming stronger.

Lifting a heavy weight in the right posture will stretch the tight muscle and release deep, intrinsic muscles and connective tissues in the spine, hip flexors and rotator cuff that a thumb just can’t reach. This can bring immediate relief for that deep pain – it’s an incredible response and needs to be experienced to be believed.

What Does the Weight Training Entail?

Your myotherapist will have a personalised plan for your treatment. As part of this, they will recommend how many times a week would be best for you to practice, which exercises to focus on, and what weight to use.

Coming to our facility to use our equipment means that you can be confident you will be taught and supervised on how use the equipment correctly – we will correct your form when necessary and ensure you are always safe each time you reach further with the weights you use.

We will safely guide you to use higher weights with lower repetitions, this enables you to build muscle and strength in the quickest time possible. Doing this under supervision, in a measured, safe way means that not only are you quickly feel stronger, you are also strengthening your neural pathways. Having sluggish nerves can mean that the time taken between your intention to move and your movement happening can have a small delay and leave your joints unstable – which eventually causes pain. Lifting weights, several times creates myelin, that acts as a lubricant for your nerves so your impulses happen quicker. This makes actions almost automatic – like touch typing – and is the way muscles and nerves should work together.

Making your muscles stronger addresses the root cause of your pain. Here at Urban Leopard, we are confident with our unique skill set to help you get pain free – and stay that way.

If you would like to begin your journey, please get in contact with us through the form below. One of our myotherapists in Flemington will be in contact with you for a free telephone assessment to discuss your symptoms and form an idea of what methods we can use to help you. Life is too short to be in pain. Be a leopard instead.