Myotherapists in brunswick


MEET the Urban Leopard myotherapy Team


Is on the far left. She’s our strength training guru and lover of all things food.


Is the tall, strapping guy up top who’s about 8 foot I think? Part time landscape gardener and part time muscle wrangler. Also really good at getting things off high shelves.


Is the smallest one there who looks like she’s melting into hysterical laughter. This state is not unusual for Dwan.


Is down the bottom who’s face is cut off by the photo. She’s our salsa dancing, Spanish speaking rock climber. Jess does have a mouth in real life.

tabitha (tab)

Is up top with the glasses. Tab is an amazing artist and yogi and might be one of the loveliest people on the planet.


And then there’s me on the far right. Founder of Urban Leopard and proud finder of these awesome Myotherapists that I get to call my friends and colleagues.