myo mobility class

Work with a Clinical Myotherapist in a group class setting and learn how to ease your own aches and pains and treat your own injury using:

  • massage balls

  • foam rollers

  • therabands

  • kettlebells &

  • weight plates

with gentle movements.

Find out how to rehab your injury and restore beautiful, pain-free movements - that feel good - back into your body.

What is mobility exactly?

Mobility is simply the ability to move freely.

Mobility training is the kind of training your joints and muscles are screaming for.

Every strength and resistance training program incorporates components of mobility training in order to keep client’s bodies healthy and feeling good all year round.

The technique aims to restore mobility of joints and decrease tension in our tissue. 

Why is mobility important?

When a joint loses mobility, the body compensates around that joint by either recruiting muscles in other areas to help out OR the joint above or below the affected area will work harder.

For example, if your midback (thoracic spine) lacks mobility then your neck, shoulder and lower back will make up the extra movement.

Or if your ankle lacks efficient ROM (range of motion), your knee may become more vulnerable to injury as it works harder to compensate. 

What does it do exactly?

  • It improves your joint mobility (gives you more range of motion) and allows you to use each joint more efficiently. Sharing the load between your pivot points.

  • It enhances flexibility

  • It increases joint strength

  • It increases synovial fluid around a joint to keep it healthy and lubricated

What to expect from our myo mobility class?


The idea of the class is to move better, improve control over your movement, learn valuable home-care skills and feel great.

Mobility training is extremely broad and our classes will involve a combination of a few different methods ranging from gentle soft tissue release techniques to weighted active range of motion exercises.

Classes will be part of a four-class series, where each class will have a different focus.

Within each session, all areas of the body will be address with special attention given to the targeted skill.

A typical class will utilise a combination of the following techniques:

  • Soft tissue release (using foam roller/massage ball)

  • Passive/active joint range mobility exercises

  • The use of kettlebells, weight plates and therabands to help increase load tolerance to newly developed joint range

  • Activation and release exercises to strengthen and increase flexibility of tissue


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