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Jess has been working as a Myotherapist for the last 11 years in Melbourne and Colombia. With a strong interest in biomechanics and dynamic fascial work she has been able to reduce and eradicate pain for all types of physical ailments including acute and chronic pain sufferers. She uses various modalities that include but are not limited to; dynamic cupping, mobilisation, dry needling, corrective exercise, myofascial release.

She is interested in patient self-management and prevention which encourages and empowers an individual to have a good understanding and confidence in their body.

Jess has a key interest in treating spinal pathology, lumbo-pelvic issues, postural strains and all those that arise from these key issues. After suffering with back pain herself, Jess has a thorough understanding of all the elements that can contribute to pain and what can undo the reinforcement of pain. She has experience in treating sports injuries, particularly running, soccer and football related and has worked with a variety of elite athletes, football teams and dancers.

When not in the clinic, Jess enjoys playing soccer, cycling (anything active and outdoors), undertaking further training to broaden her skills, mixing Colombian music, traveling and salsa.  Jess can speak Spanish and beginner level Greek for those who may need a translator.