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Hugh wignell


I’d been landscaping for at least 5 years, I loved using my hands to build and shape things. It was creative, organic and had purpose. But one morning, in the winter mud at 7am, I had this epiphany that this “wasn’t me, or what I want to do with life…” Soon after, I found myotherapy (ironically, because of the toll landscaping had taken). I was hooked and excited, because it worked for me and I knew I could do this. This was my future.

To treat someone in chronic pain to becoming pain free, or watching their face as they move their bodies & limbs like they’re teenagers again is amazing. My treatment goal, generally, is to show people just what their bodies are really capable of. Understanding the root cause and working through the layers to get to it, straightening those muscle fibers deeply and effectively.

I’ve always been into fitness. I love pushing it on the park, in the pool, and around the track. Treating, I guess, becomes an extension of that, and how to create the right conditions to push it further or bring it back when the body needs help.

So, I still get to use my hands but this time - to build and shape muscle. It’s still creative and organic - but with much more purpose.