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Firstly, what you must know about me is that I started out as a patient too, having grown up with Structural Scoliosis. Doctors wanted to operate on my spine but I rejected the offer, throwing myself into every kind of non-invasive treatment I could - Myotherapy, Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Osteopathy, and Natural Therapies – to learn how to work with my body and alleviate my pain.

Myotherapy was the modality that gave me the most relief so it was only natural that my interest in becoming one soon took hold.

Whether your injury is muscle, joint, nerve or exercise-related I can help you. 

My speciality is identifying and changing lifestyle factors that contribute to pain, correcting your postural imbalances.  Having lived with scoliosis from a young age & TMJ dysfunction (jaw pain) and having learned how to successfully manage both, I have developed a keen awareness & expertise in both these conditions. I’m also specialised in treating disc related injuries.

But I also love treating knees, necks and kids too! 

I will formulate a tailored treatment plan for each patient that consists of strength and stretching exercises that will keep you fixed, even when you leave the treatment room.

Some of the modalities I use are, dry needling, joint mobilisation with movement, functional cupping, Mckenzie method - lumbar spine (lower back), trigger pointing, massage, electro- dry needling & corrective exercises.

Being a patient taught me so much as a practitioner which I hope to share with all of you, to help you live your life as I do know - pain free!