Dry Needling in Carlton

Are you thinking about getting dry needling in Carlton but are not quite sure yet if this is going to be the right treatment for you?

At Urban Leopard, we provide a whole range of services that are designed to help with pain relief such as remedial massage, strength training and, of course, dry needling. Dry needling is becoming more and more popular these days as a treatment to relieve knots and pressure points (trigger points) in muscles. Learn more below about what dry needling is exactly and how it can benefit you.

What You Need To Know About Dry Needling

Dry needling is a relatively new treatment that was developed in the past few decades, it’s aim primarily being to ease muscular pain. The needles used are called filiform needles and they are placed gently into your skin over the painful site. They are very fine needles and there is no injection of any substance into your body using them. This is why they are appropriately named dry needles!

These needles are placed into what we call “trigger points” in the muscle. This is where you have knots or tension that needs to be relieved as it is causing you discomfort. The needles are left in your trigger points for a short time so it can deactivate the trigger point helping to relieve any muscle pain that you may be feeling.

The Benefits Of Dry Needling

If you are suffering from stiff and painful muscles, dry needling is a great non invasive option to try as it may be just what you need to provide relief. Dry needling can also help to improve flexibility and increase range of motion. It is often used for sports injuries because of this.

Are There Any Side Effects To Dry Needling?

It is important to be aware that while dry needling is completely safe and our practitioners are all well-trained and insured in this area, there can be some small side effects. The most common side effects include bleeding, bruising and some temporary soreness around the area which was penetrated. Our practitioners will always use sterile needles that are disposed of after each and every use.

Get More Information About Our Dry Needling Service In Carlton

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