“Following a shoulder dislocation and subsequent reconstruction, I’d been bouncing between physiotherapy and remedial massage therapy for years when a friend referred me to Moyan. Immediately, Moyan’s knowledge of the musculoskeletal system allowed her to find the source of what had been my chronic pain. 

My shoulder pain used to impact so much of my life - headaches were regular, the chronic pain was a constant distraction and I believed there were limits to what my shoulder would allow me to do. Moyan was always able to find the trigger point for my pain, and the relief that I would experience both during and following treatment was extraordinary. 

Over the years that I’ve gone to Moyan for treatment, my pain went from chronic, to managed, to barely existent. The worst that I report to Moyan with now are aches, though my ongoing treatments have become more like indulgent self-care. With Moyan’s guidance, I started power-lifting, which further strengthened my shoulder and the self-limiting beliefs that I’d allowed the chronic pain to dictate in my life were dispelled.

I’ve moved interstate a couple of times since I first met Moyan, and have tried a number of other myotherapists in both Sydney & Canberra. I can say without hesitation that Moyan is the best myotherapist out there and a wonderfully positive influence in my recovery.”  Kim Mintern-Lane 

“When I first booked in with Moyan I was sceptical due to the fact that I had been to so many physiotherapists in the past that could not get rid of the severe pain inside my shoulder blade. However, when Moyan was assigned to take care of my pain and anxiety, from that very first consultation, I immediately knew and felt that she was different and knew what she was doing, just by what she did and how she spoke. I noticed that Moyan genuinely cared about her patients and, even though she was the consummate professional, she always had time to share a joke and have some fun, which made me feel even more comfortable and confident that her treatment would assist my recovery even quicker. And what a recovery that turned out to be!! From believing that I would never recover again, Moyan has now taken me to the point where there is absolutely no pain at all, for which I am now leading a full and active lifestyle again. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Moyan to take care of all your pain and injuries. Thank you very much Moyan, you have been the sole reason that I am no longer in pain, and thank you also for genuinely caring.”  Angelo Panagopoulos

“When I started seeing Moyan, I'd been living with shoulder pain for my entire adult life. It took her no time at all to discover the cause, and a combination of treatment and exercise has almost totally eliminated the problem. Now I have the physical confidence to do things I'd never have tried before – including running my first Half-Marathon. I cannot recommend Moyan highly enough.”  Virginia Murdock