“Moyan is fantastic. She knows the human body so intimately, is genuinely interested in her work and wholehearted in her commitment to improving the condition of her patients. For six months, I suffered debilitating pelvic pain postpartum which prevented me from walking more than ten metres or standing for more than fifteen minutes at a time. During those painful six months, I sought help from doctors (including an orthopaedic surgeon), women’s health specialist physiotherapists and various other medical/therapy practitioners (both mainstream and alternative). Yet despite undergoing their respective treatments for at least two months each, I experienced no improvement in mobility or pain relief. By the time I stumbled on Moyan’s practice in the seventh month postpartum, I was sceptical when Moyan indicated during our first appointment that she could treat my injury though it could possibly require treatments over twelve months. Today, after having seeing Moyan for only three months, I am not yet completely whole but I have regained so much of my day-to-day mobility – a milestone that I would not have dared hope for only so recently. Moyan is no magician, but she is a passionate and personable myotherapist. During these three months, she has worked tirelessly to reduce my inflammation, treat my tissues, re-activate muscles my brain had long forgotten about, very patiently worked with me to build strength and inspired me with her knowledge and philosophy of the human body. In the short space of three months, the results I am experiencing with her rehabilitation program has renewed hope in me of full recovery and liberated me to dream of returning to sport one day. Whatever your injury may be, I believe Moyan will work with you to get your body to a much better place! Give your body a good chance of feeling better!

 Moyan you got me so far and I am determined to continue your program and school of thought. The word "strong" plays out on my mind every single day. I'm so happy that when recently asked about my postpartum bedridden experience I realize it has become a fading memory. Instead I am starting to dare to dream of playing tennis one day with my husband and daughter!”  Po Lin Lim

“You’ll never really be able to run again” … are words no runner ever wants to hear! Yet this was my prognosis by 2 orthopaedic surgeons and elite sports doctor after my knee x-rays revealed limited cartilage, reducing my knee to apparently  just  ‘bone on bone’.

A former netballer and recreational runner for over 25 years, I had run a marathon and numerous half marathons before having my first baby, but I  could hardly walk or  push a pram , let alone run, 3 months after the birth of my daughter, due to excruciating inner thigh and pubic bone pain. The x-rays came soon after, but only focused on my old ACL / knee injury, where specialists could only conclude that if I stop running and pick up cycling instead, the other associated pain ‘should’ subside.  Being told you can never run again, as any runner would know, truly is a blow to one’s sense of identity.

Not satisfied with such crushing news, I surfed the web for other practitioners, until I found who would become my ‘saviour’. One of Moyan’s specialties was treating osteitis pubis, and I thought if Moyan could at least address that, perhaps I could get into cycling. After a few months of regular massage and gym work with Moyan (strength exercises such as dead lifts and squats), not only did the pain subside, but Moyan introduced me to barefoot sprinting, which gradually progressed to 5K fun runs a year later. I felt stronger and slowly increased my mileage.

There is no doubt that Moyan is a brilliant myotherapist, but what she was able to give me on my very first appointment  over 2 years ago, was some hope and the belief that I would run again. She has taught me that there is more to our knees than just bone and that with proper treatment on one’s connective tissue and maintaining functional strength work, our bodies will respond positively. I am forever grateful to Moyan for enabling me to run again and re-gain running confidence … who knows, maybe there is another marathon left in these legs after all???”  Anna Alessio