“I came to see Moyan on a friend's recommendation after two years of chronic neck pain.  The pain was preventing me from sleeping, giving me constant headaches and pins and needles in my hands and feet. I had seen a chiropractor who regularly cracked my neck but while it worked for a day or two, I was not getting a sense of progress, or that my body was 'learning' anything from the process. 

The first session with Moyan immediately stopped the pins and needles in my feet, and dramatically reduced those in my hands. After about three sessions I could really feel the muscles in my neck and shoulders readjusting, and I stopped having headaches and sleeping problems. 

I have now been seeing Moyan for more than six months and as well as being virtually pain free, I am much more aware of what I can do in my everyday life to avoid staining my neck and shoulders. Her approach is holistic and her advice has been very useful to help me address the pain in the long term.”  Sophie Dutertre