Kettlebell training is one of the most fun, efficient and all encompassing weight training tools when it comes to functional strength training. The functional movements of our day to day life such as squatting or lunging to reach for a bag or bending and twisting to pick up a child can be easily replicated by using a kettlebell. It is also a brilliant tool when it comes to sport specific conditioning. Other benefits are:

  • Develops strength & flexibility simultaneously
  • Incorporates cardio training while increasing strength and flexibility
  • Whole body work out in a short space of time 
  • Develops neuromuscular system via coordinated sequences
  • Improves coordination
  • Develops a strong core though functional movements
  • Tones muscle rather than "bulks up"
  • Turns over a high metabolic rate, burning fat quickly


The unique design of the kettlebell offers endless variations to training sessions. Since the weight of the bell is "off centre" from the handle it means that the kettlebell can be swung, flipped and balanced in a myriad of ways constantly keeping you on your toes as to where the weight will shift to next. It is a bit of an art form to master but it's also what makes it really fun.


Using two kettlebells is far more challenging for the body than just one, from both a physical perspective and neuromuscular. Not only is the weight doubled but the coordination is far more demanding as you try to control two bells.

The major difference is the amount of stabilisation work required from your core to control and produce movement with these dynamic workouts. You will notice your internal and external obliques (sides of the abdominals) gripping against rotational pulls as you try and balance yourself throughout the movements, making these sessions a 360 degree challenge for whole muscular and connective tissue system. A brilliant way to ensure you are strong in every movement and from every angle.

Further more, if you have any strength or flexibility imbalances, the use of two kettlebells will highlight where these deficiencies are and offer you no way to "cheat" through the exercise. It's a very raw, reveal all way to train!