“After attending doctors plus having many X-rays, all with no result, a friend recommended Moyan for treatment of my lower back & hip pain. This has been a problem for some years and I had arrived at the stage where the pain was restricting my sleep, also the enjoyment of playing bowls and working on my farm. Moyan approached the problem with confidence – determination – skill and always a happy smile. It has not been a ‘quick fix’ however slowly there has been some real improvement. We have been working through –massage – exercises – weights. As a result I am now able to do deadlifts of 110kgs (not bad for a 75 year old!) Now I am able to sleep the night without waking in pain and when I work a full day on the farm I no longer pull up sore. Thanks for your patience and encouragement Moyan, you’ve made a real difference.”  Barney Sewell

“I developed a problem with the inside muscle of my right leg about two years ago. I found that after running I would be so stiff that I could hardly walk. It got a little better after a few days but eventually even the running became a problem. I visited two doctors, both of whom said I would just have to go on to Celebrex, an anti inflamatory medication. I went to a physiotherapist for a number of months but the problem did not improve. I also went to an osteopath - I got some relief but really nothing long term. For a number of months I did nothing, thinking I would just have to live with the pain even though I was taking 200mg of Celebrex a day. Walking up hills was difficult, lifting my right leg to cross it or get into a car was painful, tying up the shoe lace on my right leg was hard, I nearly had a permanent limp and even relaxing in a chair or in bed was uncomfortable. A friend suggested I try Moyan and I am so glad I did. At the first appointment, Moyan looked at all the muscles in my legs. She discovered that I had pretty serious atrophy of the right glute. She got started releasing the tension around all my muscles and had me do exercises to build up the right glute. I have been seeing Moyan for about 4 months. My progress has not been overnight, but it has been continual. My leg is stronger and the tension in the adductor muscle is much relieved. There are days that I don't take Celebrex and I am looking forward to just walking, bending and gardening pain free and with no medication.”  Jennifer Stephenson