"For most of my adult life I've suffered from severe lower back pain due to Spondylolysis and eventually needed a lumbar spinal fusion a few years ago. Having tried many different treatments and exercises over the years it wasn't until I started working with Jordan that I was able to regain strength and begin reducing the chronic pain. Through a combination of massage and gym work, I've gone from being barely able to lift a small kettlebell to dead lifting more than my own body weight! The transformation has been amazing and I wouldn't have believed anybody a year ago if they had told me today I would be able to lift 80kg without breaking a sweat. Jordan knows instinctively how much to push me each session so I'm always being challenged to go one step further. When you've had to deal with pain for as long as I have the biggest hurdle is mental, with limits set more by your head than the body -- having a great therapist like Jordan that you can trust to push you in the right way is essential to get over the hurdle and start to make real progress. Taking a functional movement approach to my rehabilitation is central to the Urban Leopard philosophy and has been key in restoring my mobility and obtaining a level of strength I've never previously enjoyed, even in my youth! Jordan is always exploring the right mix of exercises, knowing when to introduce a new technique to build up my functional strength and set the next challenge. I'm now at a level of strength, flexibility and significantly reduced pain that I hadn't thought I would ever know and it's all due to the skills and encouragement of Jordan. And it's not all serious massage therapy and gym work -- we have a good laugh too, what better medicine is there!"  Edmund O'Shaughnessy

“Myotherapy has changed my life! 4 years ago I was in so much pain due to fractures in my lower back (L4/L5). I took strong pain killers all day every day and couldn't even think about doing any exercise! I considered a fusion operation which I was told was my only option even though it still wasn't guaranteed to free me from pain. The risks of the operation were frightening and the financial burden on my family whilst I wouldn't be able to work was incredibly stressful. My cousin recommended trying Myotherapy with Moyan and I have never looked back! And I certainly don't need that risky fusion operation! I no longer take pain killers and I can exercise as much as I like. I recently did the Ride to Conquer Cancer - 200kms in 2 days with no pain during the ride or in the days after!  I can also run around and play with my two daughters like all fathers want to.  I'm living a normal and very active life and I couldn't have done it without Moyan!”  Andrew Wade

“When I first began myotherapy treatments with Moyan Phillips, I was sceptical that any form of treatment would work to relieve my chronic lower back pain. For many years I had been on a constant and soul destroying treadmill of doctors, specialists and cortisone injections with either very little, or only short term, relief. My chronic pain was affecting every part of my life: sitting was excruciating but my job required it, I struggled to sleep, I couldn't exercise, and I relied on pain killers to get through the worst episodes of pain. Not surprisingly, my mood suffered. I was terrified that this was the way my life would always be. The worst part was the feeling that no one understood what was actually causing the pain and would only treat the symptoms. I decided to give myotherapy a go because of its multidisciplinary approach which is tailored to an individual's need. Progress was slow in the beginning but over time Moyan was able to relieve the underlying causes of my lower back pain through deep tissue manipulation and myofascial release. Eventually, I was able to start doing functional exercises under Moyan's supervision which has helped to rehabilitate and strengthen the muscle groups which were part of the underlying problem. To go from being incapacitated to being able to dead-lift 50 Kg with complete confidence was an utter revelation. I cannot overestimate how much that has changed my outlook on life and my own capability. I've gained a much better understanding of my body and ways I can self manage to avoid relapses which is very empowering. When I look back, I see I have come a very long way, both mentally and physically, with Moyan's help.”  Andrea Hince 

"In April 2012 I presented Moyan with a nice bottle of red to celebrate my promotion to Black Belt level in Karate. The wine label depicted a pair of hands clasped in prayer, and the name of the wine was “The Saviour”. That’s exactly what Moyan has been to me… a saviour. When I first came to see her, I looked straight in the eye and said, “I am the patient from hell. I’d like to think you can help me, but at the moment I have very little faith left in health professionals.”

Since mid 2010 I’d been training intensively in my chosen sport, Karate, in preparation for Black belt. During training sessions, I became increasingly aware that something was amiss. It seemed the harder I trained, the less I could move. I’m a professional Yoga and dance teacher, so I have good body awareness, and recognizing that I needed some help, took myself off to see my friendly local osteopath. To cut a very long story short, over the next ten months things went from bad to worse, and then from worse to disastrous! The condition of my back deteriorated to the point where I was obliged to resign from my work. I was in constant pain from sciatica, and the slightest everyday action (such as turning my head or reaching up to take a glass out of the cupboard) would set off muscle spasms so severe they would take my breath away. I consulted a string of different health practitioners ranging from physiotherapists to sports physicians, and from acupuncturists to pilates therapists. I had x-rays and MRIs taken. I was less than impressed with the differing opinions and diagnoses put forward, especially since none of the treatments offered seemed to be addressing the problem. (Needless to say, I was also hemorrhaging money like it was going out of style paying for these services.) Eventually, my G.P. suggested I try “myotherapy”; a modality I’d not heard of before; and by this stage I was so desperate, I thought I just had to keep trying until I found something or someone who could help. The alternative was long term severe chronic pain. So, I was in a very low state when I had my first consultation with Moyan.

Thank goodness she calmly accepted the challenge, saying, “Let’s give this a try and see how it goes.” I liked the way she listened, and I liked the way she was quietly optimistic about being able to assist. She told me right from the outset that, although it might take some time to get results, she had great faith in the modality, and that eventually I would be “good as new”. Within a very few number of treatments I was feeling relief from some of my symptoms, so I knew the modality was working. It’s a testament to her talents that I was able to promote to Shodan in April, just six months after starting sessions with her. Actually, I feel now that I’m “better than new.” My dancing is freer than it has been in years, and my technique in Karate far stronger and more flexible. Moyan is a wonderful practitioner. She is highly skilled, intuitive, and encouraging; she has a clear and straightforward manner; and she loves the challenge of an “interesting case”. I unreservedly recommend her services to you; in fact, most of my friends are seeing her now. Thanks Moyan, you are solid gold!"  Jillian Gundermann

"I thank God every day for meeting Moyan. Before meeting her, my wife and I were both in a very bad way. I had terrible lower back pain that was becoming progressively worse. I had tried everything without any results. After seeing Moyan I was experiencing instant relief. The pain eased and she had me on a weights program that strengthened my weak muscles. Moyan is a gifted therapist with a passion for what she does. I am now hopeful for a pain free future. Thanks for everything Moyan."  Dave Bomfa