"I compete in a sport called ironman. For those who don't what ironman is, it is a form of triathlon. Triathlon comes in many distances, it always involved a swim, bike and run. I do the most masochist distance which involves a 3.8km swim, 180km bike ride and a 42.2km run. I have worked with Moyan for the past three years, she plays a key role in my training season. Moyan knows her craft extremely well, I highly recommend Moyan and the team of passionate practitioners at Urban Leopard." Gabriel Ung

“I started running and quickly found myself feeling sharp pain in my outer knees. I thought I 'just wasn't cut out for running' and would have to give it up, but after a few treatments, the pain soon went away. Whenever pain impedes my triathlon training, I go to Moyan. Be it sharp shoulder pain, strained calves, pain down my ITB, sore glutes, tight hips - Moyan has treated them all and restored my back to a healthy, injury-free state. She knows exactly where to go to treat the source of the problem. Moyan also respects what our bodies are trying to tell us when we're in pain and works with the body, not against it. I will soon be competing in my first long course triathlon and I couldn't have done it without Moyan's expert help.”  Carly Moorfield 

"Cannot recommend the team @ Urban Leopard highly enough. Moyan is extremely effective, highly skilled at what she does and the results speak for themselves. I love to push my body (sometimes against good advice!) through a range of activities from running, cycling, yoga to weight training. I know that when I do push it a bit too far, I can always trust that I'm in the best hands to get back on my feet as soon as possible." David Massie

“I'm slowly working on undoing a couple of decades of deskwork induced tension and resulting constant bad posture and associated aches. Moyan is an invaluable help to me in this process. While my physio and other myotherapist have been really good, Moyan is simply in a different league. Her ability to unerringly locate the cause of a particular symptom and then actually make the effects from the treatment stick really sets her apart in my experience. I've found that one appointment with Moyan does me more lasting good than five other appointments - and I'm not being negative about those other ones! After each visit to Moyan I find myself with a new range of restored flexibility and a lot more relaxed. I doubt I'll ever forget the massive relief I felt after my first treatment - I didn't know it was possible to feel that much better! A session with Moyan is something I always look forward to - she really puts the "treat" into "treatment"!  Johny Mattsson